It’s been a year and a half

It has been nearly a year and a half since I published the first book. It is an accomplishment for me having never published anything prior to this. The books are self published which means I have control over the setup and printing. What I don’t have is the marketing mechanism of a large publishing house. I need to rely on readers, family and friends to help me get the word out about my books.

If you have read the books and you enjoyed them please write a review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Even if you didn’t enjoy the book please let me know what you did not like and that way I can learn from you. You can also post on the facebook fan page a review of the book and you can also share it with your friends on facebook.

You can also go to youtube and check out some videos of me doing some Qigong exercises and get an idea of what it is like. I am certain that some of the exercises from the book are in the videos; so check it out and see if you like the exercises.

Please check out the books and let your friends and family know about them as well.