A student’s comments!

  1. What is the reason or reasons you chose to learn Qigong/Tai Chi?Originally, I was just exploring. I found that Qigong/Tai Chi had something to offer me that I had been seeking.
  2. How long have you been studying/practicing Qigong/Tai Chi?                   I will estimate that it has been four years since I audited my first Tai Chi class at Cuyahoga Community College.
  3. What changes have you noticed in yourself since you started?          Calm has come to prevail more than it had in the past.
  4. Does your family physician know that you are practicing Qigong/Tai Chi?Yes
  5. What is your age group?                                                                           70-80 years of age!
  6. How would you describe Qigong/Tai Chi to someone who has not heard of it?                                                                                                            It’s an alternate life style.
  7. What style of Tai Chi to you study/practice?                                               I believe it is the Yang style.
  8. How many times a week do you train/practice Qigong/Tai Chi?             Daily, if my body will allow it. Lately, not the case.