Why I teach Qigong/Tai Chi

I am often asked how did I become a teacher of Qigong and Tai Chi? It stems from over 40 years of martial arts training (various styles). My first teacher I actually found at a health fair at Hiram College when I was an adjunct faculty member there. The soft style of Tai Chi and the Qigong were a good complementary form to the hard styles that I was learning. Since then I have learned from various teachers and various forms of Qigong and the Yang Style of Tai Chi.

But what I like most about teaching is when I hear how it affects the students that I teach. Some examples of what they have said follow.

Learning Tai Chi has had an impact on my arms and shoulders, they have gotten stronger and my balance has improved a great deal. Helen 80+years of age.

I took Tai Chi to help relieve the stress of going back to school and found that it also helped with my blood pressure. My visit at my doctor’s office had my blood pressure at 104/68 and my pulse was 70 after one month of taking class the subsequent visit my blood pressure was 92/58 and my pulse was 60. Robin 48 years of age.

After injuring my back several years ago I was still in pain and had bad reactions to pain medication. A year and half ago I began Tai Chi and Qigong training and the gentle movements relieve the arthritis pain in my joints and my balance has improved considerably. I have found that it also helps me to stay young and focused. Sara 70+ years of age.

This more than anything else is why I teach. By teaching I give back and help a great many people.