I have been in the martial arts for over 40 years as a student, teacher and enthusiast and one of the most important things that I have learned has been humility. When I competed in karate tournaments when I lost my opponent did not look down on me we shared where I may have done better or done something differently. When I won the same scenario took place.

What we learn in the martial arts are that we are no better or worse than the other person. We may be on different levels or have different skills neither better nor worse, neither superior nor inferior. We compete to learn and to challenge ourselves. The best part of my competing was the camaraderie. We could face the same person at different tournaments and still feel the bond that we originally made.

In my teaching of Tai Chi and Qigong I am humbled by how many people tell me their health has improved because of my teaching, because of my example and because of my caring. But I know it is not me but they who by their dedication and effort to learn is what has improved their health and lives. I see myself only as a guide to show them the way. A good teacher leads the student to the door but the student must go through!

I want to Thank all of my students and Teachers for all that they have shared with me over the years!

Recognizing your talents doesn’t mean believing they’re limitless. Accepting your strengths doesn’t lead to pride, but instead to humility; you’re less likely to resent what others have if you understand your own bounty. Gina Barreca