The Places I Teach!

Many times people ask me where I teach and I just rattle off the names of those places. I have never given it much thought until now. Why do I teach at these places? Why don’t I have my own studio? Why some places and not others?

After deeply thinking about these questions I would have to answer, the people. It is the people at these places that keeps me teaching there. Not just the people who come for the classes but those who work there as well.

At 1-2-1 fitness on the campus of Case Western Reserve University the people who come for class are great. They love to learn and they continue to come each class. The managers, staff and personal trainers there are really, really great people. Friendly, helpful and always willing to say hi to you and ask how things are going with your class. The trainers recommend people to my class and I recommend people to the trainers. It is like a big family all looking out for each other.

It is no different at the Geauga County YMCA. The staff are always greeting me with a smile and asking how I am doing. The wonderful ladies in charge are always asking how my class is going? What can they do to generate more interest in Tai Chi and Qigong? If people have questions they send them to me and allow people to actually try out a class to see if they like it.

Balanced Solutions, a physical therapy office, where I just recently started teaching; thank you Laurie and Kelly, I find the same atmosphere. Kind, friendly people always greeting me with a smile and asking questions about what I teach and would it help their patients. Of course the answer is yes.

So if I had my own studio I would miss out on all the kind and friendly people I come in contact with each week. It is the kindness the feeling of belonging that I continue to teach at these places. Even when they may be having a bad day they still greet you with the same smile and kindness. And that is what makes all the difference.

So a big Thank You to all of these institutions for allowing me to teach there!

Thank You