Book 4

I am working on the fourth and final book in the “Old Man From the Hill” series. The young boy journeys to Taiwan with his teacher to visit with his teacher’s family and to learn Qigong with some monks from a Daoist temple.

He gets to ride in a pedicab and a train and sees some of the sights of Taiwan. He learns new Qigong exercises that he can use to teach his friends when he returns to his home in Ohio. Perhaps there may even be a young girl interest that occupies some of his time.

The books have been fun for me to write and share some of the knowledge of Tai Chi and Qigong that I have acquired over the years. It is my hope that the books inspire young people to seek out teachers that they can learn from and gather all the benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi that I have. I hope to continue teaching and sharing what I learn with all the wonderful people I have met and I give a sincere bow to all of my teachers that have shared their knowledge with me.

I have also included an early copy of the cover and any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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