Tai Chi pays off!

So, several days ago I had a car accident where the woman crossed over the double yellow line and side swiped my car. Also pushing my car into the curb in my lane. I was not hurt but the car that is another story.

What I realized after arriving home was that my Tai Chi training had actually paid off. When I saw her car coming towards me I did not panic but remained calm. What seemed like a twenty minute ordeal took only a few seconds to happen but I was just calm and relaxed. Like I am when I practice my Tai Chi.

The woman of the other car was shaken up as this was her first accident and she was on her way to a doctor appointment. I tried to calm her down and did not realize how calm I actually was until I got home. Even after the police arrived I continued to remain that way and did my best to keep her calm. I reassured her that I was fine and that she was fine and nobody got hurt. I told her that cars can be fixed but we should be thankful we were not hurt.

She could not believe how calm I was and how I was so compassionate to her for her hitting my car. Again I reassured her that things would be fine and that is why they call them accidents. I guess she expected a lunatic to jump out of the car and start yelling at her but was surprised by the calm demeanor I presented.

One of the benefits of Tai Chi is stress relief and the ability to remain in a calm state. Bingo benefit received! I only wish that she could have felt the same calmness that I did.

The car is still in the shop, have not heard from the insurance company but I still have my calm demeanor. For Now!!!!

Until next time, stay calm and do Tai Chi!!


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