So here we are Christmas 2017 and many of them I have celebrated with family and friends. With the last couple of years seeming to be in such turmoil I think everyone should take some time and just remember our very own reasons for celebrating.

Remember that no one reason is better than another it is our own reason. Whether you celebrate it as a holiday or a holyday it is fine. We must understand that each person has a reason for celebrating and that if we truly are to live in peace we must understand our reason is not the only reason.

We may celebrate the fact that we can be with family and share a wonderful meal or that we can go to service at our local place of worship or that we can spread joy by giving to others.

Peace on earth comes from us, if we have peace in our hearts and we share that peace then it can spread far and wide. Goodwill towards others helps us to find that peace in our hearts. Give from your heart and not for getting a reward or a pat on the back for doing so. Give without any attachment of getting anything in return and you will find that peace in your heart.

So as we get ready to celebrate the holiday/holyday with our family and friends do not let the turmoil around us creep in. Only those who have hate in their heart seek to divide and those with peace in their heart seek to unite.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.


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