Why you should write a review!

Why should you write a review of a book, video, or anything that asks you to write one?

The reason is that many of the books you purchase and I will only speak of books at this point; is because many new authors are self published and generally through Amazon. I have several published through them but Amazon will not put a book in its catalog unless the book has at least fifty reviews. Why? I really don’t know the answer to that.

Many of us self published authors don’t make very much money and speaking for myself it is more of a hobby. I enjoy writing and coming up with ideas for stories and if you have read any of my books it generally pertains to martial arts or alternative health practices.

For us to share we need to get our books out there but if no one writes a review it is hard to do. I have had many people tell me they will write a review of my books but never do. I understand sometimes life gets in the way but I generally try to give gentle reminders but to no avail. I have had one person write a review at least one year after I gave it to them. It might have even been two. But that person is an author and I know how sometimes that can be time consuming.

So, I would kindly ask any one who has read my books to please write a review on Amazon. You can also leave one at Barnes and Noble as well.

I would like to take the time to announce I will be having a new book coming out very soon and it is a futuristic endeavor. I hope that you like it. 

Check out my Amazon authors page and my Instagram page. Until next time.