New Endeavor

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to share with you the new endeavor that I am embarking on. Besides continuing with my writing of The Polish Dragon P. I. books, I am also starting what I consider to be a podcast/radio show about the Private Eye Genre in books, movies, television shows, and radio shows. I’m calling it the Polish Dragon P. I. Show and it is basically for entertainment as I definitely am not an expert in the field nor am I a licensed Private Investigator.

I will share with you the latest about my books, what books I am reading, and share with you some private eye radio shows from the 1940s and 50s as well as books from other P. I. writers. There will not be a lot of talking by me because I would love for you to hear the old-time radio shows more than just listening to me. So if you care to listen you can follow the show on youtube at Polish Dragon P. I.

So come and join me on my new adventure and let’s have some fun!