Number 10

Number 10, that is the latest book I am working on in the Polish Dragon P. I. series. It is hard to believe that I already have written nine stories with Tom Sipowicz as the protagonist. I’m hoping that the latest one will be as well received as the others. I am honored to have won awards for most of the books in the series and have gotten good reviews from the readers. It is such a joy to know that people enjoy reading what I write and look forward to the next one. Not everyone likes every story but it is still quite humbling for me to be here at this point in my life.

The books with the most awards are Polish Dragon P. I. (The Lineage Sword), with three awards. Also with three awards is the Polish Dragon P. I. (The Good Book) and following that is Hanging Cloud (Polish Dragon P. I.) with two awards. These and all of the books in the series are available at They are all novellas and can be read in just a couple of hours in one sitting or throughout the day. You can see my previous post about what a novella is and some of the most famous ones to have been written. My goal is to one day be known as the King of the Novellas or something similar.

You can also get the books in the Kindle version and everyone in the series is available for only $.099 cents on Amazon. For less than the price of a cup of coffee you can get one of these award winning books to read. Oh, and don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads if you are a member.

Until next time, good reading.

Steve aka The Polish Dragon


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