My Christmas Adventure

This year Christmas turned into quite an adventure for me and my darling wife. We were preparing for the holiday as usual with some extra precautions because of the drastically cold temperatures in our area. So on Friday the 23rd we were sitting around the living room when I noticed that the temperature was beginning to drop on the thermometer we had sitting on the stand. Being so cold out I didn’t think much of it until it started to drop more and more. The room and the apartment was beginning to get colder and colder.

I called the maintenance person who said he would bleed whatever it is he bleeds up in the attic to get the air out of the system. The system happening to be an old hot water system similar to the steam heat of yore. Finishing that he said that should take care of it because I got a lot of air out of the system. Feeling better we began to settle in for the night but the temperature continued to drop in the apartment.

The following morning, the 24th we woke up to an extremely cold apartment. Thinking it was just us I called the maintenance guy again only to find out that the entire heating system had shut down and they managed to find a repairman to come out and fix the problem. The technician came out and we were told the problem was solved only to find the heat not working, again. Christmas day the same thing only this time it was unrepairable and they have to find a special part or something like that and the heat was not working. Fortunately, we had plans to visit friends on Christmas day, which kept us warm most of the day.

But it has been an adventure spending the entire Christmas weekend with barely any heat. We do have some space heaters to help us get by as best as we could. Oh, and did I mention that the water in the toilet bowl actually froze. That kind of made things a little difficult as well. Good thing the other one didn’t freeze up or we would have been in big trouble. Anyway that was my Christmas adventure and no, the heat is still not working. Hopefully, today will be the day!

Wishing you all A Happy New Year! I just know it’s going to be a better one.